It's Time to Disappear Cables

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Can a sketchy company make a good product? We tried out PeakDo's wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver and the results might surprise you.

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:12 Wireless History
2:14 PeakDo
4:16 1080p 60Hz
6:14 Signal Interference
7:30 25m Test
9:49 Product Info
12:20 Outro


  • These sponsor Segues are getting smoother each video, Im impressed.

    • edit the comment and promote your channel lmao imagine

    • You know what else works? This segue way to our sponsor!

    • no0

    • Best segue I've ever seen

    • the only way it would be better is if LTT was actually sponsored by Segway

  • Please use better 60Ghz antennas like airfiber-60-lr and let us see the difference between now and after. Maybe you can get some kilometers/miles :)

  • I hope the next gen of consoles will just act as a hub that can stream directly to any screen you want in 4K 120hz with no latency

  • Over Drama....(n)

  • Loool omg I feel for the Segway again !!! Gg

  • Instant thumb up for the first minute of the video :D

  • Linus walking 25 meters holding the laptop in one hand was better than watching a horror suspense film.

  • Wireless Fridge Wireless TV Wireless Water

  • I hate to rain on your parade but with that increase in range, what is the security like? Also place some other devices like a cordless phone or two and see what difference it makes. A lot of existing wireless devices use the same frequency as others ..... I am just skeptical this was a realistic test for a lot of people...

    • i still love wired earphones

  • Seems good for console games

  • still need power cable

  • >60hz signal "we cant do 120, even if we changed display settings" okay linus

  • Obstructing the “Linus sight” 😂

  • Great video as always tech tips team , but please no background music in the future videos it annoying.


  • Self review 😂🤣 It works

  • I was laughing so hard from the sponsor segue that I completely missed it

  • 1:03 when your intro is dark it bees better

  • I think Xfiniity has some cable boxes that don't need HDMI and maybe some really fancy TV's are trying to utilize this technology...

  • When u run out of ideas to mention sponsers

  • "Active cooling your HDMI Cable", we just need the LED Fan for it!

  • I need this

  • The cable is cheaper than this solution

  • i still love wired earphones

  • 7:47

  • It kinda reminds me of infrared TV remotes. It works as long there is nothing between it.

  • Linus walking 25 meters holding the laptop in one hand was better than watching a horror suspense film.

  • Okayyy Linus, you got me. I saw Ridge Wallet throughout just for the impressive Segue.

  • I actually love wires, i mean it's so satisfying when i plu stuff into my display and be like oh yeah.. feel the data.

    • Just for that sponsor segue i gave it a thumbs up

  • Play games from Mobile phone, iPad, PC, but displays in Monitor, TV or Projector - PeakDo

  • Meeting, it would never goes wrong because you don't have to relay on customer's system, something like cable which is the safest. - PeakDo

  • Film/video creators dont have to think of cable, and you can display big to monitoring the actual 4k display in real time - PeakDo

  • Does anyone here use Hollyland Mars 400s for gaming here?

  • Tl;dr analogy for why the bottle matters in front of the receiver but not the transmitter: Close one eye and hold your thumb right in front of your face between your open eye and the sun. Now move it away from your face, in the direction of the sun. Your eye is completely dark when it's right up close, but when you move your thumb away light scattering off stuff around you still enters your eye. The transmitter's antenna is going to radiate 360 degrees around the transmitter, it's probably not directional. So, the signal at the receiver is a combination of waves coming to it along the line of sight to the transmitter, and reflected waves which are hitting it after bouncing and scattering off the walls and all the other stuff in the room. When you put the bottle in front of the transmitter, you're blocking any waves transmitted along line of sight, but the receiver is still receiving all the scattered waves, from *every* direction. Because the incoming waves have been scattered all over the room, some waves will still be reflect at it from what's basically the line of sight to the transmitter (even though it's not actually coming from the transmitter itself). It'll be weaker in the direction of the transmitter, but the receiver still sees waves coming to it from every direction. On the other hand, when you put the bottle in front of the receiver, you're fully blocking a huge area of incoming waves. There are 0 waves coming from that area. I.e. from the perspective of the receiver, the bottle subtends a larger solid angle the closer it is. Hence the thumb thing

  • That laugh 2:25

  • Lets see if they start using optical cables at some point instead of metal.

  • That's cool, I just hope it doesn't have spyware built into it. Cables are EVERYWHERE! Help!!!

  • Somebody in America was coming up with the product like this(link in comment) and they even have a Kickstarter for it, I've been waiting for the product for over a year now. Seems like the chinese stole another product again :( It's legit just from the factory, freshly stolen. I wouldn't give this any light, your helping someone steal someone else's idea and resell it. They're so sketchy because they're not a real company and they just stole somebody's idea for the factory to make it and then it's just that one guy trying to hustle it. Seems like they're in day 6 of the business. They probably got banned from Twitter because their idea so somebody else's copyright, they probably get reported.

  • I hope Ridge Wallet paid the big bucks for that sponsor segue. God damn that was good.

  • wireless vr would be really cool

  • If you add subtitles when Linus makes jokes it reads “Hyena Noises”

  • 0:51 You had me in the first half, not gonna lie.

  • Just for that sponsor segue i gave it a thumbs up

  • I always wondered why wireless hdmi was not a thing.

    • 802.11 = "eight-oh-two dot eleven" I've never heard anyone say "eight-oh-two point one one" until today.

  • Linus: Wireless displays Meanwhile under the table: 🖥

  • Peakdo has since fixed their website and made it a lot easier to find and purchase. The question still remains though, is this an original product or is it relabeled? If someone wants to figure that one out, please don't wait. I would love to know.

  • Maybee just put the computer in the screen ;)

  • Probably going to end up spending a few hundo on one of these so I can watch youtube movies on my TV from a PC with an ad blocker. There's some sweet irony in that somewhere.

  • Cable is best option forever lol 😜

  • My God that was one hell of a Segway LMAO great job

  • What's the radiation coming out of this thing?

  • 30hz limit at 4k and an easily lost signal, just to get rid of a cable behind my desk that I hardly ever see? No thanks. AY sounds interesting though.

  • If you want to talk about wireless tech, you should do a video about the oculus air link thing they're beta testing for the quest 2. Truly wireless PCVR with NO hassle and its super solid.

  • You are better than my Computer teacher...😂

  • Rgb ist Missing

  • I love Miracast

  • typically i would just skip over the ad, man but this time they really nailed it, have to give it to them

  • Imagine a world where Linus and crew doesn't put pointless stuff on desks to make it look better.

  • 802.11 = "eight-oh-two dot eleven" I've never heard anyone say "eight-oh-two point one one" until today.

  • Yeah - it can heat your coffee but not in the metal tin - maybe you can fry baloney in a skull cup?

  • Does this outperform the Hollyland Mars wireless HDMI in practicallity? I use that to stream Blackmagic Pocket Cinema footage (at 1080p60) wirelessly for work and would love to know if there is a smoother solution.

  • LMAO COULDNT EVEN HOLD A STRAIGHT FACE Ridge wallet! *breaks in lau---CUT*

  • You should probably check out Hollyland Mars wireless HDMI transmitters and receivers then.

  • "I kind of wish I could take it apart and see what it looks like but there wasn't any obvious way to take it apart without damaging." Jerry Rigg Everything has left the chat..

  • That was a really good sponsored seque

  • Will wait till the wireless so called faster than wired transmission actually gets to be true on peripherals.

  • As someone who had recently sorted out bandwidth problems @ 4k 120hz 10-bit rgb by using a high quality HDMI 2.1 cable, I think I'll pass. Lol

  • Bluetooth 10.0

  • Will this work on valve index hmm

  • Woah wifi still sucks, with crashes, I test all the time.

  • You could be a great and entertaining tv presenter💯💯💯 you are friendly, funny, got some energy and you are naughty a lil bit 😆

  • Sometimes I prefer hiding the cables instead because it gives me that satisfaction of having a clean setup I worked for. Although there are some things I do want to be wireless

  • This combined with whole room charging will eventually mean only a power cable for your PC, and no batteries.

  • 120 years after Tesla.... we get to have sloooooowly what he knew was possible all along.

  • 'WiFi' to 'WiDi' new innovation now 'WiGig

  • I hate the goofy opener. I mean.. like.. I love it. But in an aussie "god I hate you man" way. :P

  • it's too exaggerate

  • i didnt see any problems with wires until my tripod microphone wire got tangled with multiple other wires

  • I see all these cool PC builds in the videos and I'm wondering if they build a new one for every video? or reuse some from past videos, and what their "computer build warehouse" might look like

  • Nah I’d like to keep cables they seem like they played a big part in my childhood even though they didn’t

  • quest 2 wireless tethering does this sort of thing too. for dual display at up to 120hz(?)

  • HOW are you getting dark mode on Wikipedia

  • E Smock and aluminum heads beware. xD

  • 02:55 was the camera operator a sleep? Linus is soft as cotton :D Soft as in not sharp - video production lingo, for those who didn't understand.

  • And then, at some point in the future, optic computing comes around and cables will be needed again. Honestly, with optical computing you should be able to hit 4K 240 Hz refresh rate easily

  • HS, that segue

  • "its time to disappear cables....." Power cable: is this some kind of peasant joke that i am too "power"ful to understand?

  • So if I understood correctly, this van't be used to cast a display across rooms ? Sadness. I searched a solution to use my desktop PC in my bedroom and cast it in my living room, without having to turn my flat into swiss cheese, to play game and stuff. Hope one day we will have something that can do it.

  • 5:01 33.1595 what? Seconds, milliseconds, cows, birds, trees?

  • 0:51 You had me in the first half, not gonna lie.

  • I still want the cables...

  • No you don’t get it Linus. The industry wants to sell you cables, lots and lots of cables. That’s why they refuse to standardize on one video cable and connector type. Why do we have multiple versions of HDMI, Display Port, USB, and even DVI is still around. And Type A, B, C, mini DP and now multiple versions of Thunderbolt.⚡️ Why do laptops needs a different connector than desktops? And why does MAC need different cables and connectors than PC? Because it’s a scam.

    • Wireless isn't the problem. Power is.

  • Spent the video laughing about ‘unicorn fantasy land’

  • OK but I want no power cables too...

  • 2:40 Something don't smell right....

  • Wired for life have enough radiation to bathe in.

  • you want to take it apart? well i might know someone named zack is able to ;P

  • i honestly watch these videos just for the segways..dang this was damn plot twist :DDDDD

  • If you have an Nvidia graphics card, Moonlight has being doing this at 4k60 for years by letting you stream your entire desktop. What does this do that moonlight doesn't do better? Side note, I hope AMD catch up on the LAN game streaming front. It's the one Nvidia perk I can't live without.

  • 0:51 You had me in the first half, not gonna lie.